CVS Lane Capital Partners | WHO WE ARE
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CVS Lane Capital Partners Pty Ltd (“CVS Lane”) is a specialist property finance and investment business established in 2011.


We work with a national network of property and investor clients, and presently have active involvement in transactions in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.


We have provided capital across the entire capital structure from first mortgage, second mortgage, preferred equity and equity and have invested in land subdivisions, residential and commercial development.


Since inception we have raised over $400 million across 65 transactions with an end value of over $3.3 billion.

What we stand for

First and foremost we are a relationship-driven business with a focus on building long-term, trusted partnerships. Relationship banking is in our DNA. It is how we have been trained and how we believe business should be conducted.


Secondly, we are an advice-driven business. Our starting point is to understand our clients’ needs and drivers and to then endeavour to offer the best available solutions, taking into account structures, risk, market conditions and investor appetite.


Finally, we are absolutely focused on risk: identifying risks, attempting to minimise risk where possible and managing risks which cannot be eliminated. We have developed a comprehensive due diligence and documentation framework to ensure our processes and procedures back-up our focus on risk.

Our People

Lee Centra

Managing Director

Lee is a founding partner of CVS Lane Group and a member of the credit and investment committees. As Managing Director, Lee is primarily responsible for the strategic direction of the CVS Lane Group as well as overseeing the heads of departments for each of funds management, investor relations, joint venture management and operations. Prior to establishing CVS Lane Group, Lee worked at National Australia Bank for 13 years, including as a Director in the global markets investments team.


Andrew Vasarelli

Executive Director, Head of Credit and Asset Management

Andrew is a founding partner of CVS Lane Group and a member of the credit and investment committees. As Head of Credit & Asset Management, Andrew oversees due diligence, credit assessment and ongoing management of the transaction portfolio. Prior to establishing CVS Lane Group, Andrew worked at Macquarie Bank and National Australia Bank across various real estate finance risk, credit and transactional roles.


Lambros Sioros

Executive Director, Head of Origination and Execution

Lambros is a founding partner of CVS Lane Group and a member of the credit and investment committees. As Head of Origination & Execution, Lambros is primarily responsible for the generation and execution of new transactions at CVS Lane Group along with deal structuring and client relationship management. Prior to establishing CVS Lane Group, Lambros worked at National Australia Bank for 16 years and prior to leaving was responsible for the bank’s property mezzanine finance business.


Jason Henry

Executive Director, CFO

Jason is a director and CFO of the CVS Lane Group. Jason is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Liberman Group

CVS Lane Capital Partners was established with the support of the Liberman Group.


The Liberman Group is a private investment house chaired by Mr Joshua Liberman.


Mr Joshua Liberman is a director of CVS Lane and a member of its Investment Committee.


In addition to its shareholding in CVS Lane, the Liberman Group is an active underwriter and investor in the transactions originated by CVS Lane.